Empowering African women & girls

1 "Women are the holy grail of humanity" Upenyu Graciano Masauso, Director, AHO

African women are disproportionately affected by gender inequality despite advancement in gender awareness, legislation and international agreements. There are many international agreements and instruments that are meant to empower women, however, women are still much more likely to be poor and illiterate. Women has less access to land, medical care, credit, property ownership, education, training and employment.

Women empowerment is fundamental to the development of humanity, societal harmony and realisation of human rights for all. AFRIFED wishes to address women empowerment by addressing the following issues: women's reproductive health, ownership of natural resources, ownership of land, economic, education and political empowerment.

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Ending gender-based violence

2 "Violence destroys individuals, families and the community" Mbilikila Kalomokapuwe

Gender based violence affects 1 in every 3 women and is higher in some sub-sections of our community where some harmful traditional practices are strictly observed. Women have been beaten, abused or coerced into sex and others experience violence during pregnancy. According to Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, "Violence against women violates and impairs or nullifies the enjoyment by women of their human rights and fundamental freedoms." (paragraph 112). Most often the perpetrator is known to the woman, either a husband or other male family members. Although the majority of perpetrators are men, there are some occasions when they are victims.

Gender based violence reflects balance of power and inequalities between men and women. It seriously affects the health, dignity, security and independency of women. Gender based violence comprises of human rights violations such as sexual abuse of children, domestic violence, rape, harassment, sexual assault, human trafficking of women and girls and some harmful traditional practices.

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AFRIFED Overview

AFRIFED is a women organisation that seeks to address issues in the area of women rights and gender equality. Our aims are:

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